Is Evolution of Smooth The Leader In Lip Balm Therapy

There are literally hundreds of lip balm products on the market today and these products pull in billions of dollars in sales per year. Blistex, Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, and Chap-Ice are some of the biggest and best names in the business and have been for some time now. Many of these very products don’t live up to the hype of their own advertisements which leaves the consumer with a bad taste. When this happens, consumers vote by keeping their hard earned money in their own pockets are switch brands all together. Fortunately there is hope is you’re seeking a lip balm product that lives up to the hype and delivers in it’s promises. That brand is known as Evolution of Smooth and it’s setting the industry on fire. Check out

These lip balms comes in a distinct shape which sets it apart right way. The nutrients are delivered from an organic source that provides your lips antioxidants, vitamins, jojoba oil, and shea butter. This is a recipe for success and (EOS) does it better than any one else. Besides the health benefits, it’s flavors come in a variety of tastes that aren’t too strong. These flavors have helped boost the sales of the miracle balms and comes in Medicated Tangerine, Blueberry Acai, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Honeysuckle Amazon‘s Honey Dew, Passion Fruit, Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, and more. See,

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are consistent users as well. Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, and Bar Refaeli have been seen on occasions applying application to their lips. With Social Media has given the brand a boost also as one picture of pink lip balm earned 44,000 likes. With 2 Million likes on Facebook and 161,000 followers on Twitter; Evolution of Smooth has reached the masses in only eight years. For more information, visit


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