Securus Technologies Developing Ways to Connect Inmates with Family and Friends

Securus Technologies is the undisputed leader in providing services to more than 3,450 prison facilities throughout North America. The company is involved in the daily life of over 1.2 million inmates serving time in local, state and federal prison facilities. One service the company provides is in the telecommunications industry, making audio and video communication possible between the friends and family members of those being held in correctional facilities.

The area of telecommunication services is a contentious subject. There are competitors who want a share of the market; that is by and large controlled by Securus Technologies. In a recent PRNewswire news release, Securus provided information in contrast to what a competitor, Global Tel Link, (GTL), had claimed. Securus provided information as a firm and concise rebuttal against the claims of GTL. Many of the allegations rebutted concerned patents and which company had the current control and rights granted by the patents.

As is often the case in the business world, the leader in the industry is often attacked by usurpers trying to gain market share. But Securus is firmly entrenched in the prison industry as a leader, and allegations made against their business practices usually fall on deaf ears.

Securus Technologies continues to provide the most modern and up to date services in the telecommunication industry and should be applauded for replacing the antiquated visitation system with their time and money saving audio and video communication system.

For more information about Securus Technologies and their products and services visit their webpage here.

Securus Technologies will continue to faithfully serve and develop new technologies for the telecommunication industry as a committed company working to make connections between friends and family and those in prison facilities in North America.


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