Wen’s Cleansing Conditioners

How to Use WENThe hair care company Wen by Chaz Dean has so many amazing hair products and they can vary for those that need more conditioning in their hair and/or just need a new type of treatment for their hair. The main product we will elaborate more on today are Wen’s cleansing conditioners.

They are not only used to cleanse your hair of dirt and oil, but they are used in replacement of shampoos that include harsh chemicals and detergents. A lot of people that use the cleansing conditioners have determined for this to be a healthy alternative of caring for their hair.

What is also good about the cleansing conditioners by Wen is that you wouldn’t have to buy conditioner, shampoo, leave-in conditioner, or de-tangler separately just to take care of your hair. It’s more of a hassle and it can get very expensive over the years. With Wen’s cleansing conditioners, it can replace all of those products by having them in just one bottle.

Also, another good thing about Wen’s hair product line is that Chaz only believes in using all natural ingredients in his products; it’s a much healthier option for your hair. Most shampoos and conditioners can contain sodium sulfate which can dry out and damage the hair over a period of time, but with Wen hair, their products can keep your hair soft and moisturized.

As Chaz teaches women about the importance of using products that have natural ingredients in them, he teaches us that he does not use a developer or bleach when he is coloring/dyeing hair. It is believed to leave the hair damaged and it can contain a high level of peroxide which leads to dryness and unhealthy hair. In fact, he believes that shampoos are damaging to the hair and can be unhealthy, that is why he does not carry a shampoo in his hair care line.

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Using only the cleansing conditioners is a healthier option for those that want to take a new path in terms of taking care of their hair. With Wen cleansing conditioners, they are suitable for all hair types varying from natural hair to dry hair. They are designed to bring moisture to your hair and give your hair more volume, shine and body without stripping your hair of your natural oils.

Watch Wen Hair Care tutorials on YouTube for more information.

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