The Importance of Studying Comparative Law

Comparative law is known to many as the study of the similarities and differences between the laws of various countries. Comparative law specifically involves the study of several legal systems that are available in the globe. Some of these include the civil law, common law, socialist law, Islamic law, Chinese law and canon law. The study includes the analysis and description of the foreign legal systems regardless of whether there is an explicit comparison or not.


The study of different legal systems has become paramount in the modern times where globalization, growing trades and many other relations among countries have become the order of the day. Countries such as the United States, China, and Australia benefit significantly from the study of these laws.


The study of comparative law is considered to be the foundation of the legal infrastructure, and in time, it builds bridges leading to the common understanding of different legal systems. This leads to an increase in the degree of activities that happen between different individuals, nations and organizations. The study is even more important to institutions and countries that are interconnected through the growth in areas such as e-commerce and many others. Transactions can happen quickly and frequently between different jurisdiction with the help of the comparative law.


Comparative law study, on a broader scale, is believed to raise important issues concerning the right degree of integrations that should exist between different legal institutions. The law also shows the importance of the need to balance the international and national perspectives, preserve the important values and find new ones that can be beneficial in moving forward. If a system that uses the modern technology is used in the study of comparative law such as discussion groups, blogs, websites, and even databases, it will be easier to accomplish these goals. These forms are the best way to create smaller groups that will bring progress in the mutual understanding of different laws.


Sujit Choudhry is one of the most influential individuals in the related law industry. The professor or law and the former dean of Berkeley Law has done a lot to ensure that this vital information is passed from one generation to the other. Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized as a persuasive authority when it comes to the study of comparative law. He has done a lot of research in the industry, addressing some of the questions in the comparative constitutional law. This has made him earn the respect of many around the globe.

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