Doe Deere Revolutionizes Makeup

Doe Deere the founder of Lime Crime has been nominated for female entrepreneur of the year. She continues to give women a bold new approach to the way they wear their makeup with rich and bold colors that they can trust. If you want to be bold with your makeup Deere says in a recent Lime Crime Galore magazine article that Lime Crime is for you. They have a wide variety of colors that go with a number of costumes and decor. You can get the look that you wanted, but couldn’t find with other cosmetics that don’t deliver.

Doe Deere admits that her idea for a cosmetic line came about when she was a child. She would try on her mother’s clothes and makeup all the time. However, one day it dawned on her that she wasn’t getting the look that she was after. None of the colors were bright like she liked and she vowed from that moment on that she would create a cosmetic line that would be unique and bold with color. She now contributes to a line of velvetine matte products that go on smooth and transform well from the morning to the evening.

Doe Deere has worked very hard to become a leading professional female. Her cosmetic company is now up there with other Fortune 500 companies that promise their customers easy shipping right to their door. She does a great job of bringing her cosmetic line to the forefront and daring women to be bold. Moreover, she has accessories that accent her cosmetic line. She tells her customers that she is constantly creating new colors that they will love as she continues to work hard to deliver what her customers want. She is proud to announce rich bold colors that will be coming soon.

Doe Deere has a great website for Lime Crime products that allows you to order them easily online. You can get a host of products that will last you for up to three months. Velvetine matte requires far less money than the usual products that people are use to. Doe Deere provides the look of the stars for a fraction of the cost of other makeup. You won’t want to go to another product line. In fact, Doe Deere is willing to listen to the feedback of her customers on the official Lime Crime website to see what customers want from their extensive cosmetic line.

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