Blogger Finally Tries WEN Cleansing Conditioners to see Hair Transformation

Emily McClure is a blogger for cursed with fine, limp hair. She’s been looking for a way to boost the volume, health and shine, so she finally turned to WEN by Chaz and took a 7-day challenge to see what WEN could do for her. See,
Chaz Dean has revolutionized the way women cleanse their hair in the modern world with his no lather shampoo system. Instead, he has combined the deep cleanse, conditioning, detangling and styling treatments all into one, simple bottle. Wen‘s famous cleansing conditioners are designed to maintain strong, healthy locks.

The WEN system is different from the shampoos and conditioners found in drugstores and even fine boutiques like Sephora. Those are formulas filled with harsh detergents that actually dull and strip the hair. WEN’s cleansing conditioners use natural botanicals designed to deliver great bounce and gloss.

It took some getting used to WEN, as Emily applied the minimum 10 pumps of product for short hair, although Emily has medium length hair. She should have used the minimum amount of 16 pumps. Maybe this would have made a larger difference.

Emily admits she’s somewhat lazy about hair care and prefers showering at night, but she began the WEN routine with morning trips to the shower. When she used the WEN per directions, her hair seemed to have great shine and bounce, and her facebook friends complimented her, as they noticed a key difference.

As the days went on, Emily got busy and decided to veer off the WEN routine. Once, she used the cleansing conditioner at night instead, and awoke to greasy flat locks. Another time, she skipped the AM shower and hurried to work with greasy hair that couldn’t hold a style.

Emily concluded that using WEN every morning delivers great results, but one must stick to the schedule. Wen is also available online via Ebay.

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