George Soros Believes Adequate Financing Is Critical When It Comes To Solving The Asylum Chaos

The European Union’s lack of an asylum policy has lead to a political crises that is quickly growing out of control. The problem lies within the members of the state. Instead of doing what would benefit the majority of people, each member state is focused on one thing, their own selfish interests.
This lack of action has caused panic to overtake those seeking asylum, the general public, and those responsible for ensuring the safety of the general public. But when its all said and done, its the asylum seekers who have been the biggest victims.

In order for things to get better the EU needs a comprehensive plan. A plan that effectively governs the flow of asylum-seekers so the process is done in a safe and orderly manner. The process must also be done at a pace that allows Europe to properly absorb the influx of new people.

To be a comprehensive plan it must stretch far beyond just the European borders. It is much easier to help asylum seekers in, or in close proximity to, their current location.

With the epicenter of the current crisis being Syria, making sure the Syrian population is safe has to be the main priority. However, those seeking asylum from other countries must not be overlooked or forgotten.

That’s why George Soros said on that he believes the plan has to be executed using a global response. It has to be under the authority of the United Nations and involve all of its member states.

With every nation involved, the burden of the Syrian crisis would be more evenly distributed. This would also establish a global standard for dealing with similar situations in the future.

To help deal with the current asylum chaos, Forbes billionaire George Soros has come up with his own comprehensive plan that consists of six components. He outlined his plan in an article published on Marketwatch in September of 2015.

The first component of his plan also published on NY Books is to ensure adequate financing is available. In order for things to get better the European Union will have to be open to accepting at least one million asylum seekers every year for the next several years. This can’t happen if adequate financing isn’t available.

George Soros’ Marketwatch plan suggests the EU give each asylum seeker 15,000 euros, or $16,800 USD, per year for the first two years of their escape. This will help them pay for things such as housing, health care and education.

Who Is George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire investor who is known for his many bold predictions. He is the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. After graduating from the London School of Economics Soros settled into the United States and would eventually build his very large fortune.

Since 1979 Soros has been a very active philanthropist. His Open Society Foundations now operates in over 100 different countries and is working hard to promote the values of human rights, transparency and an open society.

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  1. One cant write off the fact that the society is nowhere near safe, as clearly stated by George Soros, there is need for funding and not only that the system being run this days lacks a proper plan. I think with service review more insight on the matter at hand and its pressing need must be addressed in other to confer safety for the people living in that confine.

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