You Are an Individual. So Be Unique!

Even though many believe that there are set rules and beauty traditions that should not be tampered with, there is one blogger who dares to think outside of the box and bring a world of new techniques and possibilities to her readers. That blogger is Doe Deere. The creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics believes that if nothing else, individuality is the spice of life. Known to incorporate brightly colored hairstyles and playful lipstick colors in her daily ensemble, the unicorn queen never ceases to amaze. When one thinks of Lime Crime’s offerings the words fantasy and whimsy should come to mind. Created with unicorns and mermaids in mind, be prepared to make some new friends as you take a walk on mundane beauty’s wild side.

Never afraid to share her discoveries, Doe has provided a few of her favorite beauty tips here for you. Tip # 1 is to dress for you and not necessarily the occasion. It does NOT matter whether it is age appropriate or not, if you have something that you just love to wear, even if it may be considered too dressy by some, wear it anyway. You will be sure to make an impression and isn’t that the goal? This brings us to tip # 2 which is that you can wear ANY color clothing, and not just neutrals, regardless of your chosen hair color. Be bold. Be brash. Remember the pack of gummy bears that you couldn’t wait to tear into yesterday? The fruity colors? The way that just looking at them made you think of fun things? Bring the memory to life and play with the color palette you have available.

Tip #3 is pretty simple. You have socks that can really make those stand out. Who’s to say that you can’t wear them together? Have fun and experiment and watch how your shoes go from unique to uniquely awesome! Tip # 4 is to enjoy the clothing patterns that you have available. Mix and match them to your heart’s content, the only thing you have to do is make sure that it doesn’t come off as tacky. One sure-fire way to achieve this is by making sure that the pieces are in the same color group. Pinks with pinks and greens with green, but remember that you have complete freedom in the construction of your fashion statement so if it works…it works! The final tip is to have fun with makeup. There was a time when every little girl couldn’t wait to play in their mother’s make-up drawer and regardless of the fact that they didn’t really know what they were doing one thing was for certain. They were definitely ready to grace the cover of the Vogue magazine. Well, do you know what’s different now? Now you actually know HOW to apply makeup. Get in the mirror and pucker up.  Be the cover girl that you always knew you were!

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