Pet Owners Are Realizing the Importance of High Quality Food

People’s view of healthy eating has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when people were content to get a lot of their nutrition from additives and enriched ingredients. Preprocessed food wasn’t simply popular, it was the norm. But time has shown that this isn’t the best way to eat. People have been getting a lot of reminders about how important fresh and natural ingredients really are. But it’s only recently that people have realized the same is true about the foods they’re giving their pets. The Daily Herald noted all this and more as they talked with various people involved with the production and distribution of high quality pet food. This shouldn’t be seen as a niche trend either. Companies are rising up to meet increased demand for healthy pet food. One recent example of this can be found with the high quality dog food brand Beneful. As the Daily Herald noted, dogs love the taste of fresh food as much as people do. And in many ways the tastes of humans and dogs aren’t that different. That’s why Beneful has put so much work into creating dog food blends which really do seem as if they could sit happily on any human’s dinner plate. Beneful has put focus on two types of dog food and have both wet and dry versions of most of their flavors. Both are also made under the company’s guiding philosophy that dog food should only be made with the freshest ingredients. Both the wet and dry flavors of Beneful’s dog food plainly shows just how important that is. Looking at either will show the actual ingredients within the food. And it’s also easy to see that the dog food is deriving flavor from those natural ingredients rather than artificial flavoring agents. The future looks bright for man’s best friend. But in addition to that it’s also becoming more common for dog foods to specialize in special blends of natural foods that are designed on Petco for a senior’s unique needs.

Roxy The Retriever Eats Beneful Playful Life

I have a Golden Retriever named Roxy. She is very energetic and is often playing outside. I don’t have any kids so Roxy is basically my furry baby. If I bad to spend a lot of money to find her the perfect dog food I would. Luckily for my budget I don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on dog food. I found the best dog food in the world. It is Beneful dog food. Roxy eats Beneful playful life dry dog food. Since she is on Beneful playful life she is able to receive all the nutrients she needs to stay happy and healthy. When Roxy was a puppy she was on Beneful Originals, I ended up switching her to Beneful playful life because she ended up being more energetic than I thought she was going to be. Typically golden retrievers do not have as much energy as other dogs, but Roxy has more energy than the average golden retriever. Beneful has a special dog food just for puppies called Beneful healthy puppy. I didn’t put Roxy on Beneful healthy puppy when she was a puppy because I didn’t know about it until after I looked at their website and had fed her a bowl of Beneful originals. She seemed to take Beneful originals pretty well, so after finding out about their puppy food on Petco so i didn’t want to switch her food that was working out for her. However, Beneful healthy puppy must be good because the reason i didn’t see it at my local pet store was because it was sold out. Roxy has special treats made by Beneful to prevent her teeth from getting plaque on them. I am so glad that i am a customer of Beneful because without Beneful i don’t think Roxy would be as happy as she is.