Lime Crime: Homemade Success Story

One of the growing trends in our company is the success of female entrepreneurs. Where it is a small shop on the Internet or a global, multi-million dollar corporation, women are empowered and are taking their products and services to the top shelf. Perhaps the most inspiring role models are those who started with very little and built their businesses from scratch.

Lime Crime is one of those inspirational companies. It was started by a young Russian immigrant named Doe Deere. Great entrepreneurs usually start young, as did this lady. When Deere was growing up in her native Russia, she often sat with her mother and grandmother and learned how to sew. In her recollections, Deere says that she and her neighborhood friends often wrote and produced little plays. She used her knowledge of sewing to make simple costumes for the fun productions.

As a teenager, Deere further explored her artistic talents by creating temporary tattoos. She drew and inked original designs and also drew things that her friends wanted. She brought her tattoos to school and sold them to other students. Deere started a temporary tattoo fad in her school and was admired for her creativity.

While still young, Doe Deere immigrated to New York City and eventually obtained her citizenship. Ever the artistic soul, Deere branched out her interests to include music. She was friends with a group of musicians and they decided to start a band. Deere loved to sing and make music at their different gigs around town. It was not long that more people were recognizing her great potential.

Deere says in interviews that she has always had an affinity for color and fashion. Since she was in a band, she wanted to wear distinctive outfits that drew attention to them. As a skilled seamstress, Deere began designing and sewing costumes for the band.

She set up a small shop on a popular Internet auction site and did her own modeling for her creations. She wanted a catchy name that everyone would remember, so she named her shop Lime Crime, because it rhymed. Deere confesses that she deplored the colors and trends of makeup during that time. She was not content with the “au natural”, beige look and wanted exciting colors to match her outfits. She began blending her own colors right in her home’s garage.

Doe Deere would never have dreamed what a hit her makeup would become. Women loved the opulent colors of lipstick, eye shadows, blushers, and nail polishes that she was selling. In a few short years, Lime Crime has become a thriving international business. Deere continues to inspire other women to go for their dreams. Lime Crime is proof that women can achieve whatever they want.

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  1. Her bold and chic designs made them memorable to their fans. People loved her designs so well that Deere decided to sell them on the Internet. It is so good for the reviews to be top notch.

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